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Pickleball popular injuries and how massage can help

19 Mar Pickleball injuries and massage

Is this newly discovered pastime leaving you in a pickle? Pickleball and massage do go together! Like any sport, a new level of activity needs to be accompanied by an informed recovery process as well as progressive maintenance and training leading up to a new...

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Cupping for body contouring and pain relief

14 Jan Why is massage cupping good for me?

There are several different way in which massage cupping can be used to initiate a variety of benefits below. When used for pain relief, the focus is to relieve muscle tension and reduce inflammation. When cupping is used for contouring, its effects are more than...

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Tracking restorative sleep while floating at Tao using Oura technology.

11 Dec 7 Types of Rest

Recently we made an Instagram post about the amazing effects the float tank had on our DEEP sleep. We were able to track the amount of REST in terms of "awake time", REM sleep, LIGHT sleep and DEEP sleep on a health tracking device like...

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4 reasons to use professional skincare products

06 Dec What are the benefits of a monthly facial?

Getting a monthly facial is like getting a massage once a month for your facial skin. Here are a few reasons to opt in for regular skincare. Did you know the that the CLIUB TAO membership includes skincare? Want to a super combo? Combine a...

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08 Jul Massage Increases New Cell Growth!

What part of your body needs massage right now? If you've watched a few of our YouTube videos you will see our OMAD videos. That is One Massage A Day videos. These videos talk about the importance of daily massage. We are gong to make this...

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