Organic Facial feels like a hug?

Organic Facial feels like a hug?

What if an organic facial could feel like a hug? It actually does by promoting the reduction of symptoms of pain, anxiety and depression. While we may not have liked a cheek pinch or a fish face facial squeeze as a child, could it have been like receiving a small hug? Touch needs to be consensual to be beneficial. We found out that there is there such a thing as a “face hug”! And while it doesn’t have to be a certain kind of touch this article talks about how “touching on the head or face appears to work best” when Science Confirms Hugs Can Ease Pain, Anxiety, And Depression.

We will never stop talking about hugs and how Tao services are like hugs. Even ADDING TIME with our WEIGHTED BLANKET counts, but studies still show touch from another human or animal surpasses inanimate objects and robots, yes robots. As Tao ambassadors we have been know to walk up to people sitting in mechanical massage chairs in stores and hand them our business cards for the “real thing”.

TOUCH is something we miss when it’s not there

Touch is “something we usually missĀ when it’s not there“. We don’t realize how much we miss it until we receive that critical touch like during a massage or facial. How often we hear from clients, “oh my goodness i forgot how good that feels” or “wow i really needed that”. Touch is one of our first senses to develop in utero. While the breath is the first dance of our body in utero we sensate touch development at 8weeks and no surprise “initially begins with sensory receptor development in the face, mostly on the lips and nose”! It’s no wonder that the research article points out that touching on the head and face works best!

Spend more time in PHYSICAL CONTACT with others

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