“Touch is a powerful communicator of safety and inclusion…”

Healthy touch

“Touch is a powerful communicator of safety and inclusion…”

Recently one of our Team members was stopped by a the local police officer while walking to her car after work. He was mistaken by her sweatshirt that read “HUG DEALER”

HUGS are getting a lot more attention lately. Heck, if HUGS are the way into understanding the benefits of sustained pressure and touch for the masses, we are IN! A massage is a full body HUG!

Even this children’s book about HUGS got our attention about the importance of introducing how healthy positive touch helps us soften our insides so our true emotions my be expressed.

Ever notice that you are a little more resilient after a massage? A little more tolerating of things that may annoy you? Al that surface tension is gone and “stupid little grinding things” just wash over you versus taking your focused attention

You might recall being asked to take some nice deep breaths at the beginning and end of your service. This does a couples of things:

  • Focusing on breathing brings us to the present moment, think yoga.
  • Deep breaths help facilitate more relaxation in the body and physical muscle tissue
  • Extended/longer exhales help flip switch in the brain to “rest and digest’ the parasympathetic nervous system (more about this explained below from the study)
    • an example of an extended exhale is for for one extra count, e.g. INHALE for 3, EXHALE for 4
      or INHALE for 4, EXHALE for 5

In this article researchers suggest “two processes that might be responsible for the stress-reducing effects of touch. One is that touch stimulates C-fiber receptors, nerve fibers “that then stimulate vagal and parasympathetic activity that helps regulate stress responses.” The other has to do with the psychological constructs that are activated by touch. Interpersonal touch elicits feelings of social support and belonging, and self-soothing touch might activate feelings of self-induced safety and mindfulness.”

So why is non-sexual touch so important?

  • We must have the physical acknowledgment of our needs.
  • holding a hand can lower blood pressure (hand massage)
  • [a hug] can reduce stress.
  • Increased immunity and lower cortisol can come from a gentle cuddle (a massage is like a whole body cuddle!)
  • Touch has no harmful side effects.
  • Turning your attention back to the physical sensations you are experiencing brings body awareness; this process may helps you experience less reactivity.

Unfortunately, it has been found that America is touch deprived as well as touch repulsive. “Social-cultural trends in America have focused for decades on reducing touch.” We are here to help change all that! On the table, we begin to rewire how we think about ourselves in relation to others our needs and can assimilate with more ease. Book your next service now!