The Brain Brain Connection: A Millionaire Match

The Brain Brain Connection: A Millionaire Match

There is a lot of talk about the gut-brain connection that we have posted about before. What about the BRAIN-BRAIN connection? What do we mean by that? Our brains are responsible for everything! [Did you know we have 3 “brains” topic briefly touch on in another post.} Both the gut-brain connection and understanding the brain have greatly impacts on our psychology/our mental health. Simple concepts with profound outcomes that Dr. Daniel Amen helps to put in plain language during an interview on The Diary of a CEO.

Why aren’t we looking at the truly important “millionaire match”, how our health aligns in these four following areas. This fascinating discussion with Dr. Daniel Amen, Psychiatrist, who recalls his first day of medical school and understanding the interconnectedness of four major areas to understand patient health:

1) BIOLOGY: physical function of brain and body (HARDWARE)

2) PSYCHOLOGY: how is the mind working? Are your thoughts “loaded with ANTS Automatic Negative Thoughts”; development and quality of ones mind (SOFTWARE)

“you are the software (soul) of [your] success, but if the hardware {the brain] is not working…”you got to get your brain healthy, program your mind and then work on 3): the SOCIAL aspect of the brain: relationships, job. money (NETWORK CONNECTIONS)

4) SPIRITUAL: what is your deepest sense of meaning and purpose (SENSE OF PURPOSE)

So do we need a fancy scans to see what’s happening in our brain to improve our brain health? Well, we can probably look to those who have the means to get the brain scans and learn from the outcomes. We can review studies and do the research and implement upgrades to our health. The interview briefly covers WHAT to do to improve our brain health: AVOID THINGS THAT HURT IT! Dietary changes, mental health practices/tiny habits that make a big difference, improved sleep, avoiding activities that directly physically impact the brain/head are the important areas to be accessed for improving brain health.

We like to think that a mental health practice is the awareness and implementation of regular self care! HELLO TAO! 🙂 Get in here! BOOK NOW and or call/text Tao 732-775-1550 and start improving your mental/brain health today! 🙂

POST SCRIPT: FUNNY, we hadn’t finished listening to the whole interview and at at 1:32:28 Dr Amen mentions that his friend who does the brain scans says that they can “start a business called Brain Match” for better outcomes for couples. We had already thought, on our own, about the title and the real millionaire match is a brain match! Yes, that is of understanding ourselves and our brain match with another.