Lyme Disease and Far Infrared Sauna benefits

Lyme Disease and Far Infrared Sauna benefits


Sweating weekly or more aides the body in a variety of ways. It is a little super health hack more people are becoming aware of. Since 2020 Tao has offered the CLUB TAO UNLIMITED HOT MEMBERSHIP for those that are serious about sweating because they want to:

  • Boosting METABOLIC Function
  • Reduce Oxidative STRESS
  • Increase CIRCULATION
  • Fight pathogens and keep INFECTIONS at bay
  • + the “bonus” of general PAIN RELIEF and WEIGHT LOSS burning up to 600 calories in an hour! Keep in mind that a 60min Far Infrared Sauna is for the “advanced sweat aficionado” and that is something to work up to.

INFLAMMATION is the BIGGEST battles that can be conquered using the Far Infrared Sauna. Tao has a specific web page dedicated to the Far Infrared Sauna

Two fundamental outcomes of chronic Lyme are inflammation and toxicity. Inflammation is created through immune activation – as the immune system tries to fight the overwhelming infection, inflammation is naturally created. Inflammation is responsible for much of the chronic pain that is so common in Lyme, but it can also impact the brain. Neuro-inflammation is responsible for the Lyme symptoms we refer to as “Lyme Brain” – cognitive issues such as short-term memory loss, problems with focus and concentration, and foggy thinking; along with mood changes ranging from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, rages, and OCD behaviors to name just a few.

Toxicity is also a big factor in Lyme. When bacteria and parasites are killed, they release toxins that the body must deal with. This is known as a Herxheimer reaction (aka Herx), whereby patients can feel worse before better when they start treatment, add a new treatment or therapy. Further, Lyme patients often experience other toxic burdens on their bodies. The two major ones I see are mycotoxins (toxins coming from mold spores), and toxic metals such as lead, mercury,  aluminum, and arsenic.


One of the our favorite benefits using the sauna is its sly ability to be a big stress reliever! You might not expect it but when you walk in stressed out, you walk in the sauna and you leave feeling totally different. There is no denying the physical and emotional benefits of regular sauna use.

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