Science of Happiness? The Tao experience.

Tao makes me feel happy!

Science of Happiness? The Tao experience.

Here’s why Tao leads to more happiness; EXPERIENCES are the way to go if happiness is your end goal. Think about your last Tao experience (we hope it was a good one!) Did you find more joy, relaxation and ease in your life for the next few days, ok if not days, we hope you at least get a good nights sleep and are kinder to yourself and others in the next few minutes!!


Investing in personal comfort and physical health and wellness can also significantly contribute to your happiness. Experiences contribute to our identity much more profoundly than material goods. Especially in stressful times, focusing on mental health and wellness can be a proactive approach to ensuring your happiness and well-being. Experiences provide happiness at multiple stages – before, during, and after. The anticipation of an experience like having a prebooked service at Tao can bring as much joy as the event. The event provides enjoyment (relief!), and afterward, the effects can be felt for a longer period of time as the effects are cumulative, hence, prolonging happiness!


The fundamental idea is to shift the focus from materialistic purchases to those that create VALUE, improve QUALITY of life, foster relationships, and ENHANCE PERSONAL GROWTH. Remember, the goal is to use money to boost happiness rather than seeing it as a source of JOY.

3 Things To Buy To Be Happier, According To Science, By Holly Burns

PRO TIP:  You will also experience happiness in helping others and “buying time” read more from the article here and book your Tao experience for more happiness in your life! Have you ever noticed our thank you card? Health is more than the abcense of illness. Health is the presence of energy, joy & relaxation!


“Happiness” professor, Ashley Whillans at Harvard Business School is not cited in this additional article about managing happiness (you can audit this course at Harvard as a self-study), but we have a feeling this type of research might come up in that course. Happiness and learning how to become happy was “searched more than ever on Google search in 2020″ released in its traditional “year in search” for 2020. And it’s not stopping; two articles within the same week, the quest for health, harmony, connection, community, safety and happiness is what allows we being to thrive, is still on!

May all beings be safe.

May all beings be happy.

May all beings be healthy.

May all beings live with ease!

[Does this “poem” look familiar? have you heard or recited it before? Hint your subconscious may have picked it up in the Tao bathrooms as it is posted as part of the hand-washing suggestion 😉 Want to learn more? Click here.]