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20 Nov Continued Covid19 Safety

As of May 28, 2021 the State of New Jersey updated requirements for businesses regarding masks and prescreening. Many of our precautions set forth during reopening of June 2020 are still in effect, however here is what's different from the June 2020 announcement regarding prescreenings...

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06 Oct World Mental Health Day October 10

In the massage therapy profession comes a lot of listening. Recently we had the opportunity to listen to a client who was seeking answers. While we don't have the all the answers, per say, we sometimes have a life of experience to share that may...

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The Ripple Effect of Touch

29 Mar The Ripple Effect

How skin-to-skin contact effects the brain body connection. TOUCH has a ripple effect "Skin-to-skin contact influences neurological processes such as brain development and function, hormonal balance, mood and behavior." Source:  Harvard Medical School Newsletter: Recognizing the Mind-Skin Connection. October 2006. While most of touch research is analyzed and recorded...

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