Worst mistakes to make and three ways to better manage the transition into Daylight Savings Time

Worst mistakes to make and three ways to better manage the transition into Daylight Savings Time

You know it’s coming, it kinda creeps up on you and yet we still make the same mistakes and loose winks of sleep around Daylight Savings Time. This year DST springs up one week before the actual Vernal Equinox. While we are still springing ahead (or falling back) here are three ways to improve the transition into Daylight Savings Time according to healthline.

Before we go on, did you know that one of the best ways to “catch up on sleep” is with floatation therapy? One hour in the tank is like four hours of RESTFUL SLEEP as “…short-term sleep deprivation and circadian misalignment are also said to bring mood fluctuations,…”!

DST Effect Mistake #1:

Not preparing for the time change. Preparation is meant by 2-3 days BEFORE the actual time change, so even if you are late in preparation you can still start by doing something. Since this time change happens in the wee hours of the morning of March 12, 2am to be exact, we need to start shifting into moving our sleeping time up by 10-15min earlier a night, starting Friday.

DST Effect Mistake #2

Keeping up with caffeine after the morning and into the afternoon and evening. Start tapering your caffeine intake for a week before DST but cutting out afternoon and evening cups of joe.

DST Effect Mistake #3

Spending time with screens blue light. While screen time has been address for better overall sleeping habits it makes sense that it’s time to shut down screens 1hour before bedtime. You can start to ween yourself off screen by 10-20mins at a time to help reduce screen withdrawal (believe me you will have it, aka FOMO). Suggestions on how to move decrease screen time: read a hard copy book, partake in a longer evening ritual that includes self care, engage in a hobby that helps make a mind-body connection – like breathing, artwork, gentle stretching.

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