Tao Immune Boosting Tips

TAO massage immune boosting tips

Tao Immune Boosting Tips

Vivian Taormina of Tao Massage shares some tips on how to boost your immune system during these trying times.

2 Immune Building Tips VIDEO

Summary from the video – two easy immune building tips are:
  1. Get outside! Get air, exchange your oxygen, and if possible salty ocean air is even better.
  2. Thymus Tapping – 3Xday (more details below)

Thymus Tapping

Watch the video above to see how easy it is to do Thymus Tapping. 20 seconds of tapping along your sternum/middle chest three times a day will help boost your immune system by activating your thymus gland that is responsible for T cell production aka killer cells. The vibration generated by gently tapping for 20 seconds will stimulate energy, boost your immune system and increase strength and vitality because it will help to release white blood cells!


Get Outside!

Getting fresh air, exchanging your oxygen, and if possible walking along the beach for fresh ocean air.

Here is another video that Vivian did on Facebook LIVE that talks about the benefits of fresh air for the body as well as what 14 days and social distancing means during this COVID-19.

Beach walk/inspired by nature, oxygen exchange, united we stand, and choosing to ride the wave.


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