T-A-O for results oriented massage

T-A-O for results oriented massage

Asking a client recently about her goals for the day’s session she struggled to find the words to express what she needed.
We prompted, “Do you want to relax?”
SHE REPLIED: “NO, I don’t want to relax!”

Now that might seem strange to some as massage is typically associated with relaxation, of course! However relaxation is not always the immediate goal as many of our clients come to Tao for pain reduction. They are frustrated by their pain and want…RESULTS. They want the pain gone. Sometimes before you get to “relaxing” we have to diminish the pain signals being sent to the brain. Experiencing pain overrides our basic functions and dampens our spirits and mental processes. So pain reduction first, relaxation naturally comes second.

Even though relaxation may not have been this client’s immediate need, the stress relief and pain relief she would receive from a customized session leading to overall relaxation.

This is “results oriented massage”.
We listen, learn and hopefully tune into your body to give you what you need in that moment.
We don’t do it alone…we check in with you during the session to make sure everything is going your way – your are comfortable with how we are addressing your goals. The session may shift from concentrated, focused and therapeutic to one that is more relaxing once you feel the shift in how you are feeling.

This brings up the meaning of Tao:
Literally speaking it means “the way” which we share in the Tao philosophy.

But what about Tao as an acronym: T-A-O?

A long time supporter of Tao sent us a great passage from a daily inspiration email she received and immediately thought of us.
It talks about an interpretation of the meaning of TAO as an acronym, and we couldn’t agree more.
It is fitting to share it now as it aligns with how we approach and address each client:
T – Transparent
A – Authentic
O – Open

By maintaining TRANSPARENCY we ask the client to inform us about anything we need to know that may affect their session and we in turn discuss with you openly about our objectives to meet your goals.
By staying AUTHENTIC we make adjustments and use techniques in each moment of the session to honor your needs.
And by remaining OPEN we, again, keep your goals as the focus of the session and support the outcome without trying to skew any perception of how you might feel.

Wow–there is a lot going on when getting a massage and this is not even the physical hands on part yet!
So TAO is a little more than “just” “the way” or the first three letters of the Directors last name – it truly is a way of LIFE.