no socks day

08 May Everyday is No Socks Day at TAO

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Tao specializes in Ashiatsu, a barefoot massage modality. What better way to celebrate No Socks Day than scheduling an Ashiastu or Reflexology session?...

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parking to get to TAO spa in asbury park nj


Finding and paying for parking is a part of a growing downtown which we are grateful for! The best part is that you can park in the parking garage right next to TAO! ...

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Everything ending in "-ING" In this post, we would like to focus on BOOKING appointments at TAO which includes: Requirements for booking an appointment Booked appointments protocol Rescheduling & Cancellation policy Multiple appointment bookings As a small business, we are greatly impacted by the number of appointments...

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27 Oct License to practice massage therapy in NJ?

In the State of New Jersey a license is required to practice massage therapy. Does your massage therapist have  a license to practice? Good news at TAO we are New Jersey State licensed massage therapists. Does it REALLY matter if I use a licensed massage therapist? Here is why...

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