Chromotherapy: Is is just a bunch of pretty lights?

Chromotherapy: Is is just a bunch of pretty lights?

Who doesn’t like to look at a bunch of pretty lights? Does the “Happy Holidays” spirit come to mind when for a few weeks out of the year we store holiday decorations and light up our lives on our house, front yards, windows and indoors. There must be SOMETHING to lights? Right? Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder is another blog post but today we will talk about CHROMOTHERAPY.

Why do we light up our houses for the holidays, yes, it may be because in the Northeast is is the darkest time of the year and that sparkling lights bring cheer. Not only does the visual LIGHT effect our mood but color is used as an effective mood regulator.

The makers of our Made in the USA far infrared saunas that are non toxic, safe for people with multiple chemical sensitivities, odorless saunas have a great article by Jenna Greenfield, M.D. The Chromotherapy article talks about:

What is Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy in Ayurvedic and Yogic Traditions

Chromotherapy in History

Chromotherapy in Psychology

Clinical Findings for Color

…and the difference between photobiomodulation, that is delivered by saunas that produce red visible light and far infrared saunas.

So we want to briefly focus on the effects of color and why you can choose from a handful of colors while in the sauna: red, green, magenta, light blue, blue, purple.

Have we got you thinking about the colors in your house, in certain rooms, the wall/s you are staring at right now? Even this other blog post talks about how color in your kitchen creates certain moods.