A true “selfie”

A true “selfie”

A true “selfie” would be SELF centered SELF care! Make Sundays “selfies”. Practice the art of self care also known as The Do-In Way, Gentle Exercises to Liberate Mind, Body and Spirit!

The Do-In Way book is described here as:

an ancient traditional exercise for the cultivation of physical health, mental serenity, and spirituality. Over the last 5,000 years, it has served as the origin of such well-known disciplines as shiatsu, acupuncture, moxibustion, yogic exercises, and meditation. Literally meaning to pull and stretch, Do-In originated as a way of achieving longevity and attaining the highest potential of mental and spiritual development.

Do-In techniques are a series of motions designed to harmonize body systems. The Do-In Way details the fundamental aspects of this exercise, which involves breathing, posture, and self-massage and manipulation to stimulate body systems. The gentle application of pressure on the body’s meridians corresponds with physical processes, and allows for the conditioning of internal organs. This is a comprehensive handbook to an ancient system of movement designed to enhance physical, mental, and spiritual health

by Michio Kushi: The Do-In Way, Gentle Exercises to Liberate Mind, Body and Spirit!

In 2006 Taormina, founder of Tao, brought a presentation to a small group of participants at the West Long Branch Library to teach this practice of self care. Today on November 29, 2020 as part of the OMAD series, One Massage A Day, of LIVE videos it is revived to be part of “selfie” Sunday Self Care! it serves as a reminder, especially as we head into the holiday season (and for those who may experience further isolation as winter ensues in the NorthEast and Covid persists) the importance of self-care, touch and gentle loving kindness toward the self. Self care is becoming more and more self evident as a vital foundation to our overall health and wellness.

The Do-In self care sequence is meant to be gentle! There is no right or wrong and the whole process should feel good! Go for it!

In this OMAD video we address the gentle tapping used to give self care to the arms.

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