Author: Vivian

Burning Bowl Meditation 1/1/21/ 1pm

30 Dec Burning Bowl ceremony

Timing a burning ceremony on the birth of a new year is symbolic to leave all behind and start fresh. Fire is portrayed as a powerful symbol of wisdom, knowledge, passion, and purification. Burning ceremonies have been used historically in many religious traditions and adopted for spiritual...

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29 Nov A true “selfie”

A true "selfie" would be SELF centered SELF care! Make Sundays "selfies". Practice the art of self care also known as The Do-In Way, Gentle Exercises to Liberate Mind, Body and Spirit! The Do-In Way book is described here as: an ancient traditional exercise for the cultivation...

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tao covid


 Safety Precautions / Covid Considerations   The risks of COVID-19 are not well understood and there is controversy among the experts on how the virus can spread and difficulty in scientifically determining whether anyone has the virus at any moment in time.  We will be following ALL guidelines...

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