Actually, it’s a good drool catcher…

Actually, it’s a good drool catcher…

City of Asbury Park issues mask mandate effective Jan 7, 2002.

ICYMI the City of Asbury Park has issued an indoor mask mandate effective January 7, 2022. This doesn’t effect Tao too much as we have had masks in effect since June 2020. In May 2021 the only change to the mask policy was permission for removal for those who were vaccinated. Vaccinated persons had options for mask removal IN individual treatment room. Our Team remained masked at all times.

Reminder that since June of 2020 clients receiving massage where able to remove their masks face down. With the City indoor mask mandate it is masks ON policy at all times…face up and face down. The announcement was posted as news on several website with anecdotal references by the city officials saying that the lifting of the mandate may happen by March/St. Patrick’s Day.

We encourage you to have your mask on BEFORE entering the building, during your service and while exiting and all other common areas, basically, everywhere.

Have you tried receiving massage a mask on? Even face down you can breathe, actually it’s a good drool catcher!! And guess what, face up you can let your jaw hang loose and let your tongue stick out if you want without being self conscious!

So go ahead, breathe deep, we are all masked up and the HYPER HEPA IQAir filters in each room are killing covid every second and run 24/7!

Thank you for your continued cooperation!