Continued Covid19 Safety

20 Nov Continued Covid19 Safety

As of May 28, 2021 the State of New Jersey updated requirements for businesses regarding masks and prescreening.

Many of our precautions set forth during reopening of June 2020 are still in effect, however here is what’s different from the June 2020 announcement regarding prescreenings and what measures we have taken since reopening for your safety.

  • Masks are still worn in and around the building; clients will have options for mask removal in the individual treatment rooms
  • Tao providers still remain masked at all times
  • Prescreening questionnaire digital Covid19 Release Form has been updated to reflect 2 questions instead of 4.

We remain vigilant for yours and our Teams continued safety. Any questions may be directed to our email or call/text us directly at 732-775-1550