What TAO is doing to better PROTECT and ensure the SAFETY of our guests

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01 Jul What TAO is doing to better PROTECT and ensure the SAFETY of our guests


  • A HEPA MEDICAL GRADE AIR PURIFIER, the IQ Air, will be rolled into the treatment room while you are performing the service.
    • ABOUT THE IQ AIR: A king among princes, IQAir air purifiers rule supreme as the top rated air purifier in the industry. While most HEPA air purifiers claim to be effective at capturing particles down to 0.3 microns, IQAir’s revolutionary HyperHEPA filtration system is proven to capture particles 100 times smaller, down to 0.003 microns; 10 times smaller than a virus. 
    • IQAir Purifiers filter out particles 10 times smaller than viruses such as COVID-19 immediately. These units are the only air purifiers with HyperHEPA filtration, which capture 99.5% of all airborne particulates down to 0.003 microns, including the smallest and most harmful allergens, irritants and viruses. While the COVID-19 virus is .06-.14 microns in size. Most air purifiers are rated to capture 0.3 microns, which does NOT include virus filtration. The IQAir purifiers are equipped to filter particles down to .003 microns—much smaller than the coronavirus causing our current pandemic. 

  • Our WAITING ROOM IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED. Clients will be notified when we are ready either by phone or unlocking the door for entry. 
  • When possible we will be ROTATING TREATMENT ROOMS so your service is NOT immediately in the same room as a previous service, until we expand capacity. 
  • OPEN DOOR treatments when possible. Once the client is settled, the door will be opened for the duration of service. 
  • All SERVICE PROVIDERS AND SUPPORT STAFF WILL WEAR MASKS during treatments and other interactions as an enhanced safety measure.  New Jersey State law allow for masks to be removed only be a client if they choose while face down on the massage table only
  • ALL SERVICE PROVIDERS will use PERSONAL HOLSTERS for cream and oil and disinfect bottles following services. 
  • All TAO clients and staff members have all been PRE-SCREENED FOR COVID exposure and will have their temperature checked 24 hours prior to and before each shift as well as be able to answer “NO” to the same prescreening questions asked to all clients prior to and at time of service. 
  • All treatment rooms and bathrooms have SINGLE USE DISPOSABLE PAPER PRODUCTS, disinfectant bottles, touch-less soap dispensers, & hand sanitizer 
  • Only DISPOSABLE FACE CRADLE COVERS will be used in addition to disinfecting and sanitizing the face cradle prior to covering. 
  • New PERSONAL FACE CRADLE COVERS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE which the client may bring for their service. These may be used in addition to, on top of, the disposable face cradle cover.
  • CLIENT CHAIRS ARE DRAPED with a new linen and changed between services. 
  • NEW VINYL COVERS for all tables that will be cleaned after linens are removed. Table heaters will be underneath the vinyl cover and table heat may still be used in conjunction with the vinyl cover. 
  • NEW VINYL COVERS for SMALLER NECK BOLSTERS of which will still be covered with linens and then sanitized between uses after linens are removed. 
  • TOUCH-LESS PAYMENTS are available for you to pay for your treatment and gratuity as there will be no cash payments during this time. We will confirm client form of payment PRIOR to client arrival. No credit cards will be passed back and forth. You may still add additional items to the order including gratuities on the confirmed credit card. We are asking all clients to please prepare all CASH gratuities with exact change PRIOR to entering the facility. 
  • COUPLES MASSAGES – performed in the same room at the same time are suspended at this time until further notice. We continue to see “couples” however you will be in separate rooms. 
  • 30min/MORE RECOVERY TIME between clients/services – for cleaning and sanitization of space between clients. All admin will be addressed ahead of time.