10 Ways to Beat Stress Even When You Think You Can’t

Tools to use when you get stressed

10 Ways to Beat Stress Even When You Think You Can’t

We recently posted 10 ways to get benefits of mediation without having to be quiet and while meditation or mindfulness may be one of the ways to beat stress, we wanted to give you a few more tools to have at the ready especially when you think you can’t catch a break or come up for air. Unchecked stress can quickly turn into more serious issues, so be sure to start or continue to incorporate more joy and ease into your life starting with these 10 ways (in no particular order):

    • Watch your words. Negative self talk can impact your subconsciously, so be careful the words you choose to speak to and of yourself with; this includes negative thinking; be sure to laugh, turn to humor to lighten up your mood. NETWORK: Phone a friend and share your feeling/EXPRESS YOURSELF, don’t bottle it up inside. While being around others when you are not feeling well mentally of physically might not be the first priority, it is beneficial to push yourself to connect you will find that you will deepen your connections and your spirit will be lifted.
      Be sure to celebrate even small wins. Emotional support also come from expressing yourself through art, music dance, and fashion. Remember to be kind to yourself in the process of unwinding from stress; it’s a tender time learning and honing new skills of skills related to managing stress that is multifaceted. Celebration can also look like DOING SOMETHING YOU ENJOY and find FUN – could be bookend your day with reading your favorite book, a chapter int eh morning and a chapter in the evening.

    • It’s time to MOVE! Affect your physiology by taking a shower, bath. Have you ever noticed how you feel after you jump into the ocean or pool? Completely submerging your body in water changes our physiology. Even BREATHING and MEDITATION is a form of physiological change. Breathing is obvious as a physiological change, but even “superman” posture that is puffing up your chest, “Puff up our chest, TAKE A DEEP BREATH, you’re going to be ok” Do a SLEEP INVENTORY and see how well you are sleeping (FLOATATION THERAPY at TAO). MASSAGE by nature creates momentum. The PUSH, PULL PUMPING effect of each stroke creates movement in the body. By increasing circulation and reducing muscle tension massage helps to improve blood flow, reduce swelling, and reduce muscle tension, all of which can help to reduce inflammation. BOOK A MASSAGE, SKINCARE, FAR INFRARED SAUNA at TAO NOW

    • Usually we want to be a HUMAN BEING, but at times we can DO something as a human to make things better like EATING RIGHT, making use of empowering RITUALS; WRITE IT DOWN by setting goals, writing lists or journaling the thoughts you are feeling – there is gobs of research about the empowering connection of downloading thoughts from the brain and the physical act of writing it down vs keeping it in your head.