tao covid


 Safety Precautions / Covid Considerations 

 The risks of COVID-19 are not well understood and there is controversy among the experts on how the virus can spread and difficulty in scientifically determining whether anyone has the virus at any moment in time. 

We will be following ALL guidelines set forth by the State of New Jersey, no exceptions, in addition to several recommendations by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards. These guidelines continue to be updated on a daily basis. 

At this time, according to State guidelines, any services that involve removal of a mask are not permitted with the exception of being face down on the massage table. As of July 1 a face mask may be removed to receive skincare and facial services. 

Even with strict sanitization and use of PPE, please understand and respect Tao Team members comfort level regarding returning to work. Some staff have made the difficult decision to not return to work at this time.