Massage Increases New Cell Growth!


Massage Increases New Cell Growth!

What part of your body needs massage right now?

If you’ve watched a few of our YouTube videos you will see our OMAD videos. That is One Massage A Day videos. These videos talk about the importance of daily massage. We are gong to make this easy for you. Start here, bodies love to be touched, why is that? Not only has healthy touch been associated with reducing inflammation and promoting growth of new mitochondria, Massage reduces inflammation and promotes growth of new mitochondria following strenuous exercise, this study finds

While this article is limited there has been bodies of research by the Touch Research Institute as well as primary evidence by our own client base of the efficacy of massage therapy. Even a short term benefit can lead to long term gains. Massage is a gateway to health, better health. While it primarily works on the physical, the mind and mental state also become relaxed, more receptive and shift into REST & DIGEST which is where healing happens. So while this JUST ONE article may not address the connection between the physical and the mental there is no denying the correlation (did somebody say float tank)? 🙂

What part of your body needs a massage right now?

Sometimes our bodies scream out for attention through pain, stiffness or limited mobility. If you want to literally lend a hand to some of these areas, try a quick body scan from head to toe to see where your body is holding tension. When you are ready, for example, massage your hands and feet like exploring reflexology or your own intuitive movements while taking some nice deep breathes with the intention of releasing physical and emotional discomfort. Certainly you can book a professional massage at Tao and be sure to let the therapist know what and where the areas you’ve noticed that need more attention and or that offer you the most relaxation.

How long should the massage be?

How long do we need and and how long does your body need to “get in there”?

If you have deeper needs we suggest a longer service if you’d also like your whole body addressed including specific areas like the subscapularis in this video.

For example, the “subscap” (SUB (under) the SCAPpula) which might be a popular spot to address during summer as it is part of a muscle group commonly used (or overused) by swimmers and tennis players and most all shoulder movements. This is a common area that needs to be addressed if you are experiencing

  • pain at the front of the shoulder
  • having a feeling of weakness when rotating the arm in toward the body (think elbow tucked into rub)
  • lifting the arm across the front of the body

These can be tricky little spots to access BUT with more TIME your body will be more receptive to touch. Accessing deeper layers of your mind+body requires more time. Get there faster by SAUNAing or FLOATing prior to your service!

Choose 30min massagae to spot address a certain area.

Choose 45min massage for 1-2 focus areas.

Choose 60min massage for 2-3 focus areas.

Book 75 min massage (60min + ADD ON 15min) for 2-3 focus areas + whole body

Choose 90min massage for 2-3 focus areas + whole body

Choose 120min massage for 3-4 focus areas + whole body