Thai poultice massage

Thai poultice massage

A Calming Massage with a Poultice

We offer a Thai poultice massage at TAO! Here are some of the frequently asked questions about it.

What is a poultice?

Poultice definitionA poultice is defined as a soft moist mass of material that embraces plant material of flour which is applied directly to the body to help decrease inflammation and soreness.

What makes a poultice Thai-specific?

The exotic taste of the far east enters western massage treatment rooms.
An herb specifically from Thailand called “prai” which is used to help relieve sore muscles and achy joints is commonly used as part of the plant material in the poultice. Other plant materials with anti-inflammatory properties as well as antiseptic, antibacterial and immune boosting properties are also used like: lemongrass and turmeric which also acts as skin tonic and aides in circulation.

Thai poultice massage at TAO Asbury Park NJ

Soothing warm muscle relief with Thai poultice massage at Tao.

Where did poultices come from and why they are popular now?

Poultices are recorded being used in the Ayutthaya period (14th to 18th centuries) on soldiers returning home with painful weary bodies.
They have risen in popularity at high-end spas throughout the United States as people are looking for alternative body treatments to compliment their wellness as well as get a taste of another culture. The poultice herbs are directly delivered to the body through the skin.

What happens during a Thai poultice session?

A Thai poultice massage includes includes traditional Royal Thai rituals dating back from 1600 AD where 60 inscribed stone tablets with acupressure charts and 1100 herbal recipes where placed on the walls of the Wat Po temple to preserve medical knowledge for future generations. Thai massage today is a result of the work of a “medicine man” of 2500 years ago by the name of Dr. Shivago. Pressure point stimulation, breathing techniques, and oil massage combined with the steamed warm herbal poultice is rocked and rolled on the body. The penetrating deep heat relieves inflammation and produces a calm effect on the body.

Who likes Thai poultice massage?

We haven’t found anyone who doesn’t like it yet!

It is deeply sedating and warming to the core. Perfect for the cold and cranky bodies New Jersey weather delivers! At TAO we classify the THAI poultice massage as “CALM: Warm herbal poultice muscle soother
You can try Thai poultice massage at TAO with either Kimaya and Vivian, who are practitioners of the Thai poultice technique.