PIP Auto insurance may cover 100% of massage therapy! Workers Comp too!

auto/pip/wc insurance

PIP Auto insurance may cover 100% of massage therapy! Workers Comp too!

Were you recently in a car accident? or hurt on the job?

This post will fill you in on where and how to get started using Auto/PIP or Workers comp Insurance to cover up to 100% of massage therapy for your injury/s.

Dealing with a car accident or getting hurt on the job is hard enough. You will also have to be patient with your recovery. According to the Mental Health America “Living with daily pain isĀ physically and emotionally stressful. Chronic stress is known to change the levels of stress hormones and neurochemicals found within your brain and nervous system; these can affect your mood, thinking and behavior.”

WOW! The article continues to explain that chronic pain has affects on sleep, contributes to fatigue, fatigue, trouble concentrating, decreased appetite, and mood changes! Putting this all together you can see how these unexpected changes in your lifestyle may to depression and anxiety.

So what are you doing/can you do to help manage pain BEFORE it chronic? Starting therapy within two weeks of injury gives you the best chance at recovering faster while mitigating the potential of injuries getting worse over time.

Car wrecks don’t have to reek havoc on your body!

Enter regular massage therapy into your recovery. Massage has both mental and physical effects. It works directly on those same systems responsible for chronic stress. This article specifically talks about how massage works to reduce stress hormones. When we are able to reduce our stress hormones our neurological system to function optimally. This reminds us of our blog post about breathing and the effects of breathwork and meditation.

We also love these clear cut simple to follow tips for recovery that advise “massages may also help with sore muscles, tendons and ligaments” plus these BASICS:

  • EAT CLEAN – eliminate sugar!
  • STICK WITH YOUR PAIN MANAGEMENT PROTOCOL (massage, strength training)
  • EASY DOES IT! While the above tips will help to recover you still have to be PATIENT. The “fix” doesn’t happen overnight.

So now to the good stuff.

How to have up to 100% of your massage therapy services covered by Auto/PIP (Personal Injury Protection) or Workers Comp insurance.

Even if you are receiving regular massage therapy Auto/PIP/WC Ins can kick in along the way. There are just a few steps that need to be followed. It starts with a questionnaire. We will need to gather the following information to take the appropriate steps to getting your massage therapy covered up to 100%:

Workers Comp INSURANCE or PIP

The first step is between you and TAO. Here is what we need:
1) Details of and the D.O.A or D.O.I. (date of accident/date of incident)
2) Are you PIP covered?
3) How long have you been receiving treatment?
Frequency of visits?
Still receiving care?

4) Other services you have recv’d?
5) Currently under a Drs care?
6) Do you have a prescription for massage therapy from a Dr who has diagnosed you?
7) Is there a lawyer involved? 
8) PIP claim rep name 
9) PIP claim telephone number
10) Claim number/case opened/number
11) Photo copy of drivers lisc and ins card (we can do that at the office)
    Name of insured:
12) Doctors name and Drs ID# (this is SOMETIMES on the Rx pad)
13) Prescriptions codes for each diagnosis listed on Rx
14) SS#
15) DOB
16) Unable to work?


Give Tao a call 732-775-1550 or email us the info from this preliminary interview and we will take it from there!