What could a “little” therapist and some massage cupping possibly do?

What could a “little” therapist and some massage cupping possibly do?


These were the thoughts and words of a TAO client recently. He admittedly said: “What could little Vivian possibly do?” These where his exact words used in our brief follow up chat prior to every start of session. Our client was back for a regular every 3-4 week visit to TAO.

He was “warned” prior to leaving, following cupping of his back, to “not be scared” when he would get home and look at his back.

Discoloration is quite common over large areas of the body that are cupped, e.g. the upper back, shoulders, and areas where overuse is common. Our client commented that he porbably has about 80 years of use on his shoulder from constant baseball and tennis playing for most of his adult life.

When he got home and the days following he was in disbelief and beside himself, in more of a chuckle kind of way, that “i-know-she-warned-me-but-what could Vivian possibly do” kinda of way. He said that it looked like he was literally dragged down each step of a stair! He back changed color from red to black, purple and yellow! Now you might be thinking, “wait one second…that color rainbow sounds an awful like like the stages of bruising…” BUT IT IS NOT! Here’s why. If you touch the area that received massage cupping it does not hurt. The tissue is not damaged like it would be if you had a bruise. The body, however, is going through the same processes as it if was bruised; moving the damaged fluids to the surface which result in discoloration at the skin level.

Now, “little Vivian” did not “do” this to him. But cupping encourages and brings to the surface what is already there! Massage cupping is a simple yet powerful and effective tool for moving and affecting muscle tissue and fluids, in this case, lots of old damaged fluid serving only the purpose to create inflammation and pain for our client. It is a deeper “deep tissue” massage that affects muscles tissue beyond being pressed or pulled manually.

But the result, the feeling…”a marked difference” he said, in his shoulder range of motion and pain reduction. He was amazed. He wants to do it again!

Cupping rocks and can be sued all over the body and does not always leave “cup kisses”.
We use a gentle suction on the face for natural facing lifting and draining, (the results are quite impressive for face lifting, sinus clearing, and TMJD relief), and body contouring (helps to smooth appearance of cellulite and decrease saddle bags and bloat). Pain relief and feeling great and just some great side effects!!