Flawless skin + no sales tax!

Flawless skin + no sales tax!

Even in this hot humid weather I got a “Your skin is flawless” compliment the other day!
(Wow! Really!? Thank you!)

This came from a new client who visited TAO. She asked me “What do you do?!”
In return I looked at her skin and said “this coming from another who has pristine skin!”

Certainly we are our biggest critics so I would never think I have flawless skin.

This got me thinking. Well…WHAT DO I DO FOR MY SKIN so it looks and feels radiant?

Not just the skin on my face, but the whole body! Your skin is your largest organ after all…and what does that mean…that is will change and show you signs of what is needed, dry, saggy, tiny red spots, patchy, etc.

When I started thinking about what might contribute to glowing skin and youthful appearance, many of which still say I am aging backwards and that I made a “deal with the devil”…here’s what I “do” to help reverse aging and reverse the aging process and “stop time”:

  • Drink water…lots of it. Be aware of your hydration even if you think you don’t need it. Talk alot, outdoors? You are depleting yourself of fluids. Talking dehydrates you as well as air absorption (through your skin) while enjoying outdoor activities.
  • Wear your hair up...especially at night. Keeping your hair away from your face will also keep your hands off your face. Your hair products and hair oils will not touch your face as much either this way. At night wear it up in a loose ponytail
  •  Sleep on a silk pillow case…using a silk or satin pillow case will allow for less wrinkles and depressions to be caused on your skin
  • Avoid refined foods…sugars, processed foods, fried food…things that promote breakouts or other foods that you may be allergic to or have a food sensitivity to. Here’s a link on information on how to identify food sensitivities. Was it he dairy that made my face bloated, was it the wheat that turned up my gut. The food diary/list featured in the above link will help you keep track of your eating habits and help to identify what may be causing breakouts/skin irritations or eruptions of eczema or psoriasis.
  • Try CoQ10…this is a supplement that will help fine wrinkles in your skin. Not to mention boost your immunity overall!
  • Self care with NoTox before BoTox!…I couldn’t not “sell” you on the NoTox facial lifting and draining, but folks, the stuff is pain and simple and just works! No sale needed as you will see and feel the result! At TAO we offer facial lifting and draining using massage cupping. Facial cupping will allow for reduction of sinus pressure, sweeping away of toxic build up in sinus cavity, reduce pain and tension in the face, causing wrinkles, and relieve the TMJ!
  • Eat well, eat clean…oh, what does that mean!?!? Well see the above “avoid refined sugars, processed foods, and fried foods section above. These foods deplete your body as your body needs to compensate for all that they lack to be properly processed and understood by your body. If the food is incomplete of vitamins or nutrients, your body has to “add to” them to process them and by doing so uses up your reserves of vital oxygen, nutrients and minerals. A life time of “bad” or “dirty” eating may result in chronic skin or stomach or organs conditions. What goes in must come out….and likely it will show up on your skin somewhere. Don’t ignore the signs.
  • Exercise…you’ve heard this one over and over and over again…but truly exercise will CIRCULATE blood delivering nutrients to the surface of the skin allowing for an exchange of rich blood and oxygen to keep you looking and feeling healthy and strong…in a mirconutshell.
  • Get your beauty sleep…It might take sometime to change or regulate a sleeping pattern but try try try you best to get up at the same time and go to sleep at the same time every day and night. Again this may take a while but get yourself to do it. Certainly take a “day off” and rest and sleep in when you need it! Enjoy that silk pillowcase!
  • Change your bed sheets, wash your clothes…this seems like a no brainier…but you would be surprised how much you sweat and what your skin excretes at night. Keeping your bedding and clothes free of bacteria that may be on your skin and reintroducing it from unwashed linens and clothes may perpetuate a skin issue.
  • Be sun smart…yes those tiny red spots showing up in the weirdest of places are signs of loss of collagen in the skin or something greater. Weakening the integrity of the skin due to over sun exposure may make it easier for these to appear. Read more about those tiny red dots on skin.
  • Don’t touch your face…gosh all these things sound so simple, but really we touch our faces without even realizing it. I had a friend who would always use the inside of her shirt to wipe her face if she had an itch on her skin. When I first saw her do this is was the oddest thing I thought, but now I understand and do it myself! Funny that I work with my feet and I usually tell people who are “grossed out” by the fact that I use my feet for massage versus my hands that my feet are probably cleaner than their hands! Really yours hands are just about into everything…so you touch your face without realizing it…next time, use the inside of your tshirt collar to get that itch.
  • Get a facial!...at TAO of course!…ok one more plug for TAO services….only because our estheticians are amazing and THERE IS NO SALES TAX ON FACIALS, BODY WRAPS, and BODY TREATMENTS! Woot Woot! no_sales_tax


    So that’s what I do! What do you do? Can you add to the “how to keep your skin looking and feeling great” list? Please leave us a comment and share your tips!

    (Please note TAO blog posts are for information entertainment purposes only and are the sole views of Tao. Information shared in our posts are not substitute for medical examinations and/or diagnosis and that it is recommended that I see a physician for any physical ailment you may have.)