Everything ending in “-ING”

“Say, what’s that (new) BUILDING next door?”

With building comes construction noise…but with construction, the noise comes block by block development and beautification, specifically the TAO block.


Our friends from Enerative Solutions are building their new office, and while we get to hear some of their growing pains, we know that before long there will be a brand new modern building next to Tao! We are excited and can’t wait to see what happens to our Bangs Avenue block once this new building is complete!


But until that time, and until the building is complete, our clients may experience construction noise at any time during a session. Certainly, this is not ideal, but this is what we have until our block is completed.


We apologize for any inconvenience and disturbance that you may experience that is beyond our control. Please know that you keeping your appointments is very supportive of our business during this time. It is a testament to our skills that we are still able to relax our clients into deep states of relaxation even with external factors!