We can all use a little stress reduction, yes? Love this list of 7 foods to soothe stress. Certainly there are more, but lets start with these seven.

These foods also were noted as SUPERFOODS on lists by:

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WOW….there must be something to these 7 foods to soothe stress!
Two of which you walk out the door with after EVERY SESSION at TAO.
Not to mention that we have been offering our clients Peanut Ginger Chews since we opened our doors!
Ginger is another great spice to help decrease inflammation and increase circulation!

So onto these 7 foods to soothe stress…drum roll please…time to get the stress out:

  • NUTS! Eat nuts, don’t go nuts! Vitamin B or B vitamins are depleted by stress, nuts replenish them! Try the potassium-packed pistacchio to help lower blood pressure and reduce strain stress puts on you heart <3! #thelittelgreennut
  • RED PEPPERS! Sure orange is pretty to look but RED should get your attention. Red peppers have nearly TWICE the amount of Vitamin C! Eating a diet RICh in Vitamin C helps to lower the cortisol response
  • SALMON! Swim upstream effortlessly when you get your OMEGA-3s from salmon and even from not so pink friends like flax walnuts and soy! Omega-3s help reduce anxiety.
  • SPINACH! Popeye was eating all that spinach for his muscles…not to make the grow, but to help recover! Spinach is loaded with MAGNESIUM which aides in muscle relaxation! So bust stress out of your life and big and as fast as Popeye with some spinach in a smoothie in the morning or raw in a salad, or sauteed in a pan! Match it with beans and brown rice for a double does of magnesium! And of course we have to plug floating here…#floaattao. Recevie the benefits of Magnesium by floating in it in the TAO floatation tank #floattank #floatationtank #sensorydeprivation #isolationtank #isolationchamber #floatspa
  • OATMEAL! Can you say SerOATonin? Oats help the brain generate the destressing neurotransmitter serotonin. Stir in some homemade pear sauce to skip any sugary toppings!
  • DARK CHOCOALTE! Phew! We were worried this wasn’t going to make the list…well not really…dark chocolate will help you NOT worry! A 70% cocoa will help to regulate the flight-or-flight hormone levels and better aide in “rest and digest” A little goes a long way, so mind you intake of this high caloric “supplement”!
  • TEA! Always warm comforting, are you relaxed already just thinking about holding and enjoying your favorite cup? And now we come full circle to GINGER…herbal teas like chamomile, peppermint, and ginger help to soothe the digestive tract which makes for a calm and centered happy “gut” When you stomach, or sometimes also known as the “enteric brain” is happy, the rest of your body will smile too! Is that your gut feeling?